SG105174 Hello! I’m Amy Cronin. The Complete Girl Friday was founded in 2014, following on from working in the domestic industry for 10+ years. Our lives today are run at such a frenetic pace that it inspired me to want to help people readdress the balance of their lives. I have the inspiration, experience and contacts to manage all nature of tasks. Prior to my domestic career, I have also covered clerical roles, retail management and a personal assistant role for a consultancy firm, which most definitely taught me the art of juggling tasks whilst maintaining a sense of humour!

I thrive on managing all aspects of my role, and undertake them with minimum fuss. My attention to detail is second to none, and I ensure tasks get done in the most efficient way. Allowing you to relax and enjoy the nicer things of life.

I’m professional, honest, confidential, trustworthy and great with people.

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